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The Law Offices of Robert O. Ackley is a progressive Law firm with a proud tradition of providing the highest quality service to clients by keeping up with the latest developments in the law. Through the use of the latest technology and legal resources, Mr. Ackley can provide direct electronic access to various databases enabling quick access to information.

The practice of Robert O. Ackley has served the people of Mundelein and the surrounding community for over 10 years. Mr. Ackley received his BA in Economics from Northern Illinois University, his MA in Public Administration from Northern Michigan University, and his JD from John Marshall Law School. Mr. Ackley is a member of the Illinois Bar Association, the Lake County Bar Association, the Appellate Lawyers Bar Association, and the National Association of Counsel for Children.

Mr. Ackley is a Lake County resident, and participates in a variety of local activites.

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